eThermostat by Thyratron is a viable electronic thermostat designed after extensive market input.

Talking to OEMs, Field Engineers and Cooler Fleet Operators, we identified the following priorities for an electronic Thermostat

  • Safety
  • Energy
  • Robust

eThermostat by Thyratron encompasses these key priorities and so much more

Get in contact today and discover eThermostat by Thyratron.


Device designed for refrigerators and freezers

extremely robust, suitable for locations with power deficiency and fluctuations

  • Compressor output 10(6)A 250VAC
  • Fan output 3(3)A 250VAC / 3A 30VDC


  • Accurate temperature control
  • Fan Cycling
  • Voltage and Frequency Supervision
  • Reinforced Electrical Isolation
  • Supports DC Fan Motors
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Winter/Summer Mode
  • Limp Home Mode

eThermostat Technical Data Sheet