Thyratron, a global leader in research and production of electronic devices for refrigerators has announced that the company’s PPS MFS-Lw) became the first integrated voltage stabilizer in the world that was listed in the WHO vendor list. You may visit .

This is a very proud moment for us. The WHO Performance, Quality, and Safety (PQS) process prequalifies products and devices so that member states and UN purchasing agencies are assured of their suitability for use in immunization programs. The MFS-Lw is an advanced voltage stabilizer system designed for vaccine and medicine coolers/freezers.

New Managing Director

In the second half of the year, Thyratron announced the appointment of Mr. Christos Morakis as Managing Director. Christos succeeded Mr. Dimitrios Filippakopoulos who remains as VP in the board and in an advisory role to support Thyratron’s strategic expansion plan.

New Global Partners & Employees

In 2022, Thyratron increased the number of its partners in EMEA which will result in a more diversified client portfolio.  Another important figure is the number of employees that increased by 20%.

Green investments

After the installation of the PV system to cover 100% Thyratron’s need in Electricity, Thyratron purchased 4 electric vehicles and the plan is for another 4 electric vehicles. The bulk of our capital investment will go into sustainability projects trying to target zero emissions.

New Machineries

Despite the difficult situation in the European industry, struggling to overcome the pandemic recession in the midst of a wave of rising prices of raw materials and shortage of components, Thyratron decided to invest in machinery while growing by 35% in 2022, facing the future with a clear objective: to further improve the efficiency, quality and competitiveness. In 2022 we purchased P & P Machine, CNC & Reflow.

Stay tuned for more news in 2023!!!

Keeping you powered up!!!

We had the pleasure of welcoming the Indian Ambassador in Greece, Mr. Lugun, to our premises in Patras, Greece! We exchanged ideas for our ongoing investment in India.

By June 2021 our Board took a strategic decision to change our business fleet to electric. Main reasons behind the move to fleet electrification are lowering of CO2 emissions, advantages of lower taxation, the cost reductions on the car fleet and Corporate social responsibility which is very important for Thyratron. Next step was the installation of EV chargers. Our approach expands to all future warehouse vehicles (electric pallet truck & forklifts)

After an intense and very demanding team effort, we completed the design, development and Certification of our Single-phase voltage protection for AC powered refrigerators and freezers. Our certified stabilizers model names are PPS_MFS-Lw (230V-50/60Hz ) and PPS_MFS-LwE(120V-50/60Hz). The PQS prequalification system was created and managed by the world’s largest health organization that specifies and verifies the critical criteria and minimum performance of immunization equipment, including refrigerators, temperature monitors and voltage stabilizers. Inconsistent and unstable electrical quality power to be a major contributing factor to the breakdown of mains-powered refrigerators and freezers used for immunization in resource constrained settings.

In 2020 we finalized the first part of the investment in green energy, the self-production photovoltaic system – net metering of 20Kw. Plan is by the end of 2022, the second phase will be completed, which will give full autonomy to our headquarters in Patras that includes the needs for offices, warehouse and production.

Net metering with renewable energy sources is the energy solution that promotes the values of sustainable development of the company. With self-production we help protect the environment, we contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and to the fight against climate change. Our energy footprint has been reduced.

We announced the launch of our new electronic thermostat for refrigerators and freezers which is extremely robust, suitable for locations with power deficiency and fluctuations. Among the main advantages, we highlight that the compressor relay is certified for 100.000 cycles, the device has a saving energy function, voltage and frequency supervisor & is CE,CB certified at Semco.

Thyratron is in close cooperation with the University of Patras (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and an internship program is designed to bring highly qualified and motivated students with Electrical and Computer Engineering background into our organization to work on projects linked mainly to R & D. Its main goal is to give successful candidates the opportunity to improve their analytical and technical skills.

When at Thyratron we initiated all the processes that would lead to an eventual certification to the latest ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 we aimed for a practical and workable Quality and Environmental Management System for improving and monitoring all key areas of our business.


Achieving the two standards was not just about establishing a set of procedures that were complicated and difficult to manage. The aim was to provide a workable management system that was suitable for us. With the right support and the knowledge of all the team, we did come up with a such a system to effectively improve all areas of our organisation and  achieve commitment for proactive initiatives that boost environmental performance.

And the reason is simple: implementing an effective and robust Quality and Environmental Management Systems will help us to focus on the important areas of our business and improve efficiency and at the same time monitor and continuously improve our environmental credentials. The management processes that are established throughout our business will provide a sound foundation, leading to increased productivity and profit. We strongly believe that this will improve your customer acquisition and retention.


A valid ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certificate is a prerequisite for some of our customers and a “nice to have” for others, when they are considering cooperation. It gives our partners confidence that we are working to standards and procedures that will provide them with a high standard of customer service.


Panagiotis Tomaras

Product Management & Quality Assurance

Demosthenes Serafimedes once said “You don’t live life out of fear, you leave fear out of life.” It’s a motto that those who knew him understood well. Whether it was a social or business gathering the electrical engineer filled it with his larger than life persona and his passion for everything he did, to do it to the max.

Thyratron SA today stands on the world stage with export markets in some of the world’s largest developing nations. It’s no accident. From its very conception the company benefited from the drive, passion, enthusiasm and uncompromising focus of its founders.

As Demosthenes Serafimedes withdrew from the day-to-day operations of the company and the pressures that come with working in an environment that’s in tune with international markets he could have enjoyed retirement, scaling back his activities and choosing to take things easy. That’s not who he was.

The vacuum created in his schedule by his stepping away from Thyratron’s daily work life was filled with his passion for flying and his desire to engage in various forums of Greece’s business world. It was this passion that would prove the reason for his life to be cut short.

In remembering him we honor his focus on excellence and his unwillingness to compromise on quality. These are attributes that have become part of the company’s DNA and are the lasting legacy of its founders. Demosthenes loved the skies because he felt the act of flying brought together all the elements of precision, attention to detail and quality control that he prized.

Our best tribute to him, collectively, is the focus we bring to bear on the things he felt were important in business as well as in life. His passing will leave a gap in our lives. His life however served to create a company that bloomed and a culture that is determined to hold itself accountable to the highest standards.


Demosthenes Serafimedes led by example. We can do no less.