New Managing Director

In the second half of the year, Thyratron announced the appointment of Mr. Christos Morakis as Managing Director. Christos succeeded Mr. Dimitrios Filippakopoulos who remains as VP in the board and in an advisory role to support Thyratron’s strategic expansion plan.

New Global Partners & Employees

In 2022, Thyratron increased the number of its partners in EMEA which will result in a more diversified client portfolio.  Another important figure is the number of employees that increased by 20%.

Green investments

After the installation of the PV system to cover 100% Thyratron’s need in Electricity, Thyratron purchased 4 electric vehicles and the plan is for another 4 electric vehicles. The bulk of our capital investment will go into sustainability projects trying to target zero emissions.

New Machineries

Despite the difficult situation in the European industry, struggling to overcome the pandemic recession in the midst of a wave of rising prices of raw materials and shortage of components, Thyratron decided to invest in machinery while growing by 35% in 2022, facing the future with a clear objective: to further improve the efficiency, quality and competitiveness. In 2022 we purchased P & P Machine, CNC & Reflow.

Stay tuned for more news in 2023!!!

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